Frequently asked questions

Shipping & Returns

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs vary per country and are calculated in your cart.

How long will shipping take?

Delivery time of orders vary according to country and your chosen shipping option, orders will be processed within 1-2 business days. Please note that the times below are estimates and that not rights can be derived from this table.

Region Estimate
Netherlands & Belgium 2 - 3 business days
Europe (including UK) Approximately 1 week
USA & Canada Approximately 1.5 weeks
Rest of the world Approximately 1 – 3 weeks

Can I track my order?

You can choose to ship with a tracking code by selecting this option during checkout. Costs are automatically calculated and depend on your location. You’ll receive your track and trace code via email as soon as your order is shipped.

Do you ship globally?

Absolutely. We provide worldwide shipping.

Do I need to stay at home to receive my package?

You’ll receive your package in your letterbox. Convenient, as you don’t need to stay at home!

Do I need to pay customs?

You will not face any additional costs when shipping within the European Union's free trade areas.

We will automatically deduct 21% VAT from your order when it's shipped outside of the European Union. But always check the customs regulations of your country to avoid any unforeseen delays and costs. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any problems / costs arising from importing and customs processing.

What is your return policy?

HUE tattoos are prone to deterioration and therefore all sales are final. However, please do contact us if you would experience any issues. We will always try to help you. However, please contact us if you would experience any issues. We will always try to help you.

Health & Safety

Is temporary tattoos safe?

HUE temporary tattoos are skin-friendly and made of safe ingredients to protect your skin.

What are the ingredients of HUE tattoos?

The main component of our temporary tattoos is the fruit juice of Genipa Americana (Genipin).


  • Staining ingredient (Genipin)
  • Glue (Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate, Polyvinyl Butyral, Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate)

Can tattoos cause allergic reactions?

Our products contain active ingredients that your skin might not be familiar with. Therefore, there's always a very small risk of reaction upon, or after application. Possible side effects include blushing, redness, rash, or irritation. Thoroughly wash off the tattoo if you experience a direct reaction after applying. Should you get a reaction when the tattoo is already developed; please contact a medical professional, don’t scratch, and report to us.

Is Jagua different from Black Henna?

Hue temporary tattoos are not made of (black) henna. They do not contain PPD or any ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

Usage & Instructions

How much time does it take to apply?

It takes less than 2 minutes to apply HUE temporary tattoos!

How long do temporary tattoos last?

HUE tattoos last anywhere between 5 and 25 days.

How long your tattoo lasts will depend on your skin’s chemistry, frequency of washing, friction and rubbing, and your skin’s hydration. This is highly dependent on where you place the tattoo on your body.

Please note that HUE tattoos are for external use only and we recommend against applying tattoos on the face or sensitive skin areas.

What tattoo colour does it give?

Black with a hint of dark blue. The exact colour depends on your skin tone, but there are no other colors possible.

Will the tattoo show up well on dark skin?

HUE will stain all skin tones. HUE temporary tattoos will stain black on dark skin and dark blue on lighter skin.

Do temporary tattoos work on hairy skin?

No problem to apply the tattoo on places with small amounts of hair. But do shave very hairy parts ± 24-hours before applying to ensure a good result.

Are HUE temporary tattoos waterproof?

Yes! HUE temporary tattoos are waterproof and last for 2 weeks.

How can I protect my temporary tattoo?

Keep your skin well-moisturized and avoid scrubbing.

Pro tip: Apply a small layer of petroleum jelly or sunscreen to protect your tattoo.

My tattoo doesn’t show properly straight after removing. Why?

HUE tattoos need 12 - 48 hours to become blue-black. Keep calm and don't worry :) Your skin will gradually respond to the genipin contents of HUE tattoos. After applying, your skin will color blue-black during 12 - 48 hours.

How to avoid unwanted staining?

Cover your tattoo during the first 24-hours when sleeping. This will avoid staining of other skin areas.

How to remove my tattoo?

Removing your tattoo is possible but will take some days.

You can speed up the fading process by gently scrubbing the skin with an exfoliating product. Stop scrubbing when you experience any discomfort. You should never damage your skin!

What is HUE shelf life?

HUE temporary tattoos will preserve their staining capacity for about 3 months when stored in a dark, cool, and dry place. Always avoid exposure to sunlight. Store HUE in the freezer if you wait some weeks before applying.