How to Apply

How to apply a HUE temporary tattoo?

HUE tattoos apply in 2 minutes and last for 2 weeks. Full instructions can be found on the link below.

How much time does it take to apply?

It takes less than 2 minutes to apply HUE temporary tattoos!

You can find the instructions under how to apply.

Value for money: Selecting and combining tattoos!

Did you know you can easily combine, or select tattoo parts?
Simply grab scissors, cut-out your piece, and place your selection!

Where to apply HUE?

How long HUE tattoos usually last depends on the location of your body.
Please note that HUE tattoos are for external use only and we recommend against applying tattoos on the face or sensitive skin areas.

Temporary tattoos on hairy skin?

No problem to apply the tattoo on places with small amounts of hair.
But do shave very hairy parts ± 24-hours before applying to ensure a good result.