How to apply a HUE temporary tattoo?

Step 1: Prepare a wet cloth

Grab a cloth, soak in water, and squeeze out excess water.

Step 2: Remove packaging

Remove the plastic packaging and take the tattoo out.

Step 3: Turn tattoo to show the back and remove film

Turn tattoo to remove transparent film.
The back (light-print image) contains the active ingredient that will stain your skin.

Step 4: Place your tattoo

The front (dark print) should face you and the back (light print) should touch your skin.
You can only stick it once, so don’t move it!

Step 5: Press wet cloth on tattoo

Press the wet cloth down on the tattoo. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds.
Don’t move the cloth or tattoo! This will smudge your tattoo.

Step 6: Peel away cloth and tattoo

You should now see a very light print on your skin. Let this dry properly.
Be patient, it takes 12-48 hours to darken!

Step 7: All done, enjoy!

Your tattoo will develop in 12 – 48 hours.
Don’t wash or touch the tattoo area for at least five hours after applying.
Pro tip: A warm shower helps the tattoo to darken during the 1st day.