About HUE Tattoos

How do HUE temporary tattoos work?

HUE temporary tattoos are absorbed into the top layers of your skin after applying. The greyish print will react with the amino acids that naturally occur in your skin. This process will change your tattoo into a blue-black colour in 12 - 48 hours. The exact colour depends on your body and skin.

HUE temporary tattoos only penetrate the top layer of the skin (epidermis) and do not go any deeper. Your skin's top layer automatically renews itself in roughly 2 weeks. So your tattoo's lifetime basically depends on how quickly your skin renews itself. More tips on how to make your tattoo last longer.

Is it really a two week tattoo!?

HUE tattoos last anywhere between 5 and 25 days. How long your tattoo lasts will depend on the location of your body, your skin’s chemistry, frequency of washing, friction and rubbing, and your skin’s hydration.

How is HUE better than other temporary tattoos?

Well, let us answer this for you ;) Hue temporary tattoos:

  • Look real, are waterproof, and last for 2 weeks
  • Super easy to apply in under 2 minutes
  • 200+ affordable designs with lots of details
  • Can easily be customised (read more)

What tattoo colour does it give?

Black with a hint of dark blue. The exact colour depends on your skin tone.

Will the tattoo show up well on dark skin?

HUE will stain all skin tones. HUE temporary tattoos will stain black on dark skin and dark blue on lighter skin.

Does HUE come in other colours?

Hue temporary tattoos will only stain the skin dark blue or black.

What is HUE shelf life?

HUE temporary tattoos will preserve their staining capacity for about 3 months when stored in a dark, cool, and dry place. Always avoid exposure to sunlight.
Store HUE in the freezer if you wait some weeks before applying.

HUE storage instructions?

Always store in a cool, dry place and avoid exposure to sunlight.
Are you waiting a few weeks before applying? Then store your tattoos in the freezer to preserve staining capacity.